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Bloggers MBA

The Bloggers’ MBA is a one-of-a-kind,  intensive, 6-week, blogging course, that teaches you how to turn your blog into a business (just like I have done, twice!). The main focus is how to grow your traffic and start making money on your blog in real &... read more

Fractured Angels

In this class I will be demonstrating four complete paintings, fast sketches,journal pages, as well as creating rich, plastered layered substrates. There are 17 videos in the class as well as 3 separate pdf's to download with step by step instructions. This is a... read more

CreativeLive Review: Introduction to Art Journaling

Review: Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu Recently I was contacted by CreativeLive with an invitation to review an online course available on their platform. I was able to choose the ecourse myself and decided to review the Introduction to Art... read more

Fabric Book Art

In this class I will be teaching a coptic binding and a loop binding technique. We will be using plaster fabric pages to make the book. I will show you mixed media painting techniques and making luscious borders for your pages. There will be 5 painting videos, 16... read more

Secret Photographers Guide to Caturing Pastel Skies

HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE ABLE TO CAPTURE THOSE BEAUTIFUL PASTEL SKIES ON YOUR CAMERA? Have you always wondered how professional photographers manage to take such beautiful photographs full of colour, especially those illusive pastel skies? Have you always wanted... read more


Our iPhones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We carry them with us at all times - we don’t leave home without them! So...why shouldn’t we be using them creatively too? You can make beautiful, rich art right on your iPhone! Sure you could play Candy... read more

How to Design Character

In this self-guided workshop, you are going to sketch, draw, design and develop your very own character in 4 weeks. If you ever intended to create your own picture book with a character you designed in it, you know that the threshold to start can be sky high! Let's... read more

On-the-Go Mini

Wouldn’t it be great if vacation albums magically assembled themselves after a trip? Lauren Hooper shares the secret to making that magic happen! In this class, Lauren shares tips for documenting your adventure while still enjoying every minute. She’ll show you how to... read more



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