Stretching Within

Posted on 24 December 2010 by Creative E-courses

A Five week private online Mixed Media Art Workshop with me, Misty Mawn.  Specifically for anyone and everyone interested in stretching within!   Expanding your inner artist!   Through several mediums we will discover different ways to stretch within,  leaving you feeling limber and so ready dive in and make art!

~ Starting from the foundation and building from there: the first week of class will focus on drawing realistically as well as abstract.   With several video tutorials and written assignments to gain a new perspective on drawing, using proportion, shape, shading, and texture to define the subject matter.

~ Next up, painting!  This week will be all about stretching out of your comfort zones with a brush in hand, or not, if you prefer to paint with your fingers.  This week’s tutorials will focus on how to start a painting, how to paint without fear, and how to paint from the heart.  There will be plenty of interesting assignments to stir up your creative juices!

~ A whole week of Collage!  Oh Yeah!  We will spend the entire week cutting, pasting, ripping, tearing, sticking, and gluing!  This week’s tutorials will focus on color placement, design, and composition.

~ The fourth week will be all about adding your own images to your journal pages, pairing them with words of our own and others.   We will do a little creative writing as well as using ONE word prompts as inspiration to create a spread in our journals.

~ The Final week will be more laid back, with a handful of new assignments, and a chance to review/catch up.  I will have a Q & A session on FB this week, to answer any questions that might  help everyone in the workshop.  There will not be any tutorials this week.


COST: $100.00 USD

START: 10th January 2011


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