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In the Garden- Flower Studies with the Masters

In the Garden- Flower Studies with the Masters In this course we will be following the tradition of many great artists and learning from those artists who came before us. We will be studying under the tutelage of Redon, Gauguin, Mackintosh and Preston, all of whom each have something unique and magical to teach us about painting flowers. We will study their work, their methods and processes and then we will be taking what we learn to produce our own pieces, to inspire and develop our own craft and expression, to stretch our skills and deepen our confidence. 4...

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How to Design Character

In this self-guided workshop, you are going to sketch, draw, design and develop your very own character in 4 weeks. If you ever intended to create your own picture book with a character you designed in it, you know that the threshold to start can be sky high! Let's step over that stupid threshold together and let's get to it. Now. Here's your first step towards perhaps your own children's book, picture book, graphic novel, cartoon or video! This is a WORKshop. This means you've got some work to do. I will be guiding you with weekly assignments, tutorials...

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Just Draw It

After doing this course you will: - Gain confidence about your drawings - Learn to draw anything you can think of - Feel like a real pro - Make drawing a life habit - Learn how to implement your drawing time into your busy schedule - Have lots of new friends (your class mates!) - Have a life time membership for the online JustDrawIt communiy During this 6-Week long course, every week you will find a new lesson on the course website. With each lesson, you will learn a new technique. The course website will be filled with weekly...

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MATS – Creating Collections for Home Décor

This course provides the skills and knowledge to fill a huge gap in the lucrative home decor market – for artists who can conceptualise and pitch full product collections. By showing art directors that you can do this, you put yourself ahead of the game, and stand out from other artists as a commercial professional. Not only are they more likely to buy your work, they are likely to buy MORE of your work – perhaps even your entire collection.  LINK: MATS – Creating Collections for Home Décor INSTRUCTOR: Margo Tantau and Lilla Rogers START DATE: 22nd June, 2015 COST: £399.00 Share...

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Make Art That Sells

Learn how to make art that sells, directly from someone who has sold art for products worth over $100 million! Representing 38 artists internationally, Lilla Rogers is one of the world’s top illustration agents, and for the first time ever she is sharing three decades’ worth of knowledge and experience through Make Art That Sells, a pioneering online course created in collaboration with Do What You Love. Make Art That Sells is an extraordinary opportunity to get direct access to one of the world’s leading art agents, and take your work from ‘good’ to ‘great’ or from ‘great’ to ‘super-lucrative’. Lilla Rogers knows what is hot now, what is on the horizon, and where your work fits in. LINK: Make Art That Sells INSTRUCTOR: Lila Rogers START DATE: 2nd March 2015 COST: £379.00 Share...

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