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Creative Retreat

Join us for a FREE 2 Day online Creative Retreat with 16 inspiring artists offering lessons including: mixed media, art journaling, creative processes, techniques & more. At this online creative event you will meet 16 amazing Artist/Teacher/Mentor/Guides as well experience some of the magic they share with the world. Each teacher will be offering up a lesson FREE (live for 24 hours) to inspired you, to stimulate your own creative practice and/or learn new techniques and approaches. So much goodness!! This workshop is for anyone who creates or feels the desire to create, who wishes to be inspired, who...

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Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners

Learn to make your own professional quality beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces with award winning jewelry expert Jessica Rose. Throughout this easy to use online course, Jessica will guide you through the whole process from start to finish of how to make simple but beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear with pride. Whether you are making some pieces for yourself, a friend or to sell through a business, all the techniques covered will give you an excellent grounding for making professional jewelry. 55 MINUTES 4 LESSONS UNLIMITED ACCESS COURSE NOTES INCLUDED WORLD RENOWNED TUTORS Techniques covered Making simple drop bead earrings Making single strand necklaces Making memory wire and elastic bracelets Using pliers Stringing beads Using crimps and findings LINK: Jewelry Making for Absolute Beginners INSTRUCTOR: Jessica Rose START DATE: self paced COST: FREE Share...

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I am free – a free art journaling workshop

“I am free, a free art journaling workshop.” This is a free mini workshop for you to have fun, but also to show you how things look around here ‘behind the scenes’ of BloknoteAcademy, so that next time you’ll buy one othe e-workshops and e-courses you will know how things work here. Of course the paid workshops and courses will be much more detailed than this mini workshop. You will get even more information, more fun and more video’s. (Please note that the video’s of this free workshop are not downloadabl, but of course they will be at the paid workshops.) Have lots of fun with “I am free, a free art journaling workshop”! LINK: I am free – a free art journaling workshop INSTRUCTOR: Bloknote Academy Online Mixed Media School START DATE: self paced COST: FREE Share...

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Ink Essentials

Ink: It is most likely a part of your crafting supply arsenal. Those lovely colors on little pads ready and waiting for your next creative whim. There are several different kinds of basic and specialty inks, but which is best to use for which project? What is the best way to clean your tools after using ink? How do you store the ink pads? Come join Jeri Parks and Shirley Pando of Craft Classes Online (CCO) for this FREE course to find out some of the "Ink Essentials" you really need to know so you can be confident in your ink choices and be ready for your next project.  Lessons include: Lesson 1: Dye Ink Lesson 2: Chalk Ink Lesson 3: Pigment Ink Lesson 4: Solvent Ink By the end of this workshop you will: Know which type of ink is best to use for your project. Know how to clean your tools after using inks. Know how to properly store your ink pads. Create two projects using each type of ink. Bonus information includes tips for organizing your ink pads! LINK: Ink Essentials INSTRUCTOR:  Shirley Pando and Jeri Parks START DATE: 2015 COST:FREE Share...

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Solstice Mini Journal Class – Free

This class is a celebration of Solstice, Summer or Winter, or any other auspicious occasion you would like to honour. Journal as  Sacred Vessel.  When we engage our hands, heart and spirit, we are able to tap into our deeper wisdom. To this end we will be using mixed media to explore how to use our journal practice as a sacred container to provide us a safe place to play and explore, for self discovery, for noticing, for our gratitude, for holding our dreams and desires,our inspirations, our intentions, our tools and our daily lives and for releasing resistance...

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