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Bloggers MBA

The Bloggers’ MBA is a one-of-a-kind,  intensive, 6-week, blogging course, that teaches you how to turn your blog into a business (just like I have done, twice!). The main focus is how to grow your traffic and start making money on your blog in real & achievable ways that will best suit you and your blog, as well as some of the lesser known (but very important) scripts, templates and documents you’ll need to run a blogging business. Topics include : Your Content & Your Brand, Traffic & Tribe Building, Social Media, eProducts, Passive Income, Working With Brands and lots more… INSIDE...

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Ready Set Blog

Ready Set Blog is our 12-month-long, beginner blogger coaching program. Because getting a blog up and running takes time, and there are so many things you need to master to make it successful, we have broken it all down into bite-sized, doable  chunks delivered as you need them. Topics include : Setting up your blog, finding your voice, getting first traffic, SEO, social media, blog design, photography and lots more. INSIDE READY SET BLOG… + 12 x monthly modules jam-packed with expert advice, worksheets, checklist, tools, tips, tricks, webinars, videos (everything you need really), but all done in do-able...

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Creative Intuition - An Intuition Workshop Learn to cultivate more freedom, trust, wisdom, creativity in your daily life through the process of meditating on a daily image with intuitive poetry. Without intuition our lives can feel flat, dull and uninspiring. Everything can seem the same. Join me in a gentle and simple image and poetry journal adventure into learning how to hear your creative, intuitive guidance.. There Is So Much More To You Than You Think If your life is in a dull routine, this course is for you. This course is also helpful if you feel creatively blocked...

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Emotional Transformation Through Writing If you love to write, this series of jounaling courses will take you into a deeper understanding of yourself, and will help you to free yourself of old heavy emotional patterning in order to clear the way for your highest creative expression. Each 30 Day Journal Course involves 30 days of conscious connected writing with daily focused questions aimed at releasing emotional pain and unresolved issues from the past, in order to make room for a new creative life. Part One - 30 Days of Inspired Creativity Healing Your Emotional Pain Unprocessed emotional pain creates...

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Free Your Emotional Self-Expression in Just 10 Minutes a Day Start a Daily Creative Practice - This course involves a commitment to meditating on a small, torn paper spontaneous collage each morning for 30 days to discover what is in your unconscious mind. All you need is two or three torn or cut-out images, and a word or a phrase. Creatively Relax - There is no need to concern yourself with accurate painting or drawing skills. The method of spontaneous collage is a profound way to emotionally relax and let what is not yet known to reveal itself to your conscious...

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