Class content will be delivered in a number of ways. Each week there will be a video which will follow the process of one of my own large paintings from start to finish. I will share with you my techniques and process as the work unfolds.

You will also be with me in my studio each week as I explore possibilities, sharing both techniques I use often and branching out in new directions (via weekly videos, prompts and PDF’s). One of the things I love most is to venture into new creative territory for the first time. Curiosity and wonder and new discovery is one of the most exciting parts of the creative process and of life in general for me and I am excited to have you all join me in my home and studio.

There will also be weekly forays into ways to find inspiration, excursions through my sketchbook and pep talks to enhance your creative world.

LINK: All About Paint Mojo

INSTRUCTOR: Tracy Verdugo

START DATE: 1st September 2015

COST: $249.00 USD