Week 1: Setting the Scene

In the first week we’ll explore some of the essentials of blogging, including figuring out our goals and intentions for blogging, getting our blog home in order, and identifying our ideal reader.

Week 2: Opening up & reaching out

In week two we’ll start blogging in earnest, finding and honing our writing voices, thinking about privacy online (an important topic!) and how much to share, and answering the no.1 question: what shall I blog about today?

Week 3: Revealing your heart

Week three is where we’ll dive deep into revealing more of ourselves on our blog, with musings on authenticity (and what that really means), vulnerability vs empowerment, and how to deal with blogger’s remorse.

Week 4: Settling into your space

In week four we take a step back and consider how to infuse even more of ourselves into our blog homes, including tackling the all-important about page, design advice from my favourite web designer and thoughts on how to protect your space.

Week 5: Your world through a lens

It’s all about the visual in week five as we explore different ways to shoot for our blogs, share more of our world in photos, and tackle the question: what if I’m not a photographer?

Week 6: In it for the long haul

In the last week we’ll look at ways to make your blog sharing even richer, including the use of podcasts and videos, how to beat blogger’s block and all my best tips for growing your readership and building community.


INSTRUCTOR: Susannah Conway

START DATE: 7th October 2014

COST: £97.00 GBP