Camera Craft is designed to help demystify your camera and the technical side of photography, empowering you to follow yourinspiration, and make expressive and beautiful images. It is photography 101 and it is so much more. I want the participants to walk away feeling like they have enough of a grasp of the technical stuff that they can really let their creative voices sing. Between all the samples and the guest contributors you wont be able to help but be inspired." - Galia Alena

Photography, as many of you know, played a huge role in leading me back to my creativity. Essentially, it led me back to what I love - ART - and for that, I'll be eternally grateful to this magical art form! The class will actually be divided into two 5 week modules - "The Art of Seeing" & "Into the Light". REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR BOTH.

LINK: Camera Craft


START DATE: 31st August, 2015

COST: $200.00 USD