Every photo tells a story, no matter how technically perfect it is. Now in this 12-week workshop with celebrated photographer and scrapbooker Rebecca Cooper, you can learn to do both—tell better stories with the pictures you take of your everyday life and improve your technical photography skills.

You'll finally be able to capture moments as beautifully as you see them, and maybe even infuse them with a little bit of magic.

In October, you'll learn to Capture the Everyday. In November, you'll learn to Capture Beauty. In December, you'll learn to Capture the Holidays.

Rebecca will share the specific tools, tricks, and ideas she uses to create the lovely, fresh, nostalgic look she's known for. She'll walk you through her process start to finish—from creative beginning to post-processing end. Here's your chance to use her workflow as a foundation for developing a process that works for you.


INSTRUCTOR: Rebecca Cooper

START DATE: 2nd October, 2014

COST: $99.00 USD