Do your days feel so busy that you feel like you can’t catch a breath? Is life speeding by in a blur? Are you overwhelmed by a long list of to-dos that don’t lead anywhere?

Heidi Swapp knows exactly how that feels. In her brand-new planner-based workshop, Capture30, she will NOT tell you how to pack more tasks into each and every day, and she promises NOT to focus on time-management and productivity.

She WILL help you switch your focus, so your minutes, hours, and days are spent on things that truly matter. She will help you connect to your dreams and capture your everyday joys in just 15 minutes a day for 30 days—starting January 1.

Using her signature Memory Planner, Heidi will share everything she knows about:

  • connecting to your creativity (and your handwriting!)
  • identifying and capturing your dreams
  • preserving the everyday memories that matter
  • living a life that’s overjoyed instead of overwhelmed

Get ready to capture or create one little thing every day in January. Your customized Memory Planner will become an ongoing, year-long project—a beautiful keepsake to capture your entire year!

LINK: Click Capture 30


START DATE: 1st January 2015

COST: $49.00 USD