In a world dominated by digital communication, handmade greeting cards slipped into real paper envelopes and mailed the old-fashioned way have become more special, more rare, and more important than ever.

Spend just 6 weeks getting the inspiration and the instructions you need to create 36 handcrafted cards that you can use all year long! You’ll also learn a proven system for organizing your finished cards, and you’ll create a “happy mail kit” that makes it easy to share them with the people you love throughout the year.

Cardmaking all-star Kim Kesti will kick things off with a handy checklist to help you outline a year’s worth of card needs. Then she’ll inspire you with 12 videos, 12 card sketches, 12 cards from her guest designers, and 12 colorful handouts (each featuring step-by-step instructions by Kim for completing two cards as well as step-by-step instructions by a guest designer for completing an additional card).

Whether you’re a beginning papercrafter, a seasoned cardmaker, or a scrapbooker looking to get more mileage from your stash of supplies, this interactive online workshop will reconnect you to the joy of cardmaking…and cardmailing, too.

LINK: Click Create & Share Cardmaking


START DATE: 20 November 2014

COST: $39.00 USD