Creative Intuition - An Intuition Workshop

Learn to cultivate more freedom, trust, wisdom, creativity in your daily life through the process of meditating on a daily image with intuitive poetry.

Without intuition our lives can feel flat, dull and uninspiring. Everything can seem the same. Join me in a gentle and simple image and poetry journal adventure into learning how to hear your creative, intuitive guidance..

There Is So Much More To You Than You Think

If your life is in a dull routine, this course is for you. This course is also helpful if you feel creatively blocked or are in emotional pain. If you are looking for deeper answers to your questions, and seeking change, or looking for ways to understand deeper levels of yourself in a simple daily way, I welcome you to join me.

The creative practice elucidated in this e-course is one that anyone can maintain and is especially helpful if you are feeling creatively blocked or too emotionally flooded to create in complex ways. This e-course can be also be approached as a form of simple daily play in the midst of a busy practical life.

Daily exploration of your intuition re-creates you into the person you are meant to be. Begin to make your life and art one creative process and allow your deeper emotional needs their rightful expression.

You will receive the 10 day intuition workshop by e-mail after you pay. You can expect an e-mail in your inbox every day for 10 days.

INSTRUCTOR: Shelley Klammer

START DATE: self paced

COST: $10.00 CAD