Review: Introduction to Art Journaling with Andrea Chebeleu


Recently I was contacted by CreativeLive with an invitation to review an online course available on their platform. I was able to choose the ecourse myself and decided to review the Introduction to Art Journaling course with Andrea Chebeleu. To take the course I had to create an account with CreativeLive which is an easy process requiring name, email and password. You can also sign up using your Facebook login.



When you enter the course you are provided with a class info section containing information about the class and instructor. There is a section for class materials which includes a syllabus, supplies list and 2 other bonus pdfs to compliment the class:

The syllabus can be downloaded without purchasing the class.


The videos to the class can be streamed or downloaded to your computer which is an excellent option if you want to watch the videos offline. There were 2 download options available – HD and a reduced size (lessor quality than HD).

The High Definition (HD) videos were an exceptionally high quality including vision, sound, and content.  Like most of you, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and while I appreciate video quality can vary (and it is free), I was simply blown away how crystal clear the video was in this class. Various cameras were set up so you were able to view many different camera angles of how the instructor was creating the projects.

In this class, there were 6 videos. Two of the videos were short intro videos and 2 of the videos were manageable bite-size components at around 12-14 minutes. The other 2 videos were 41 mins and 37 mins respectively which for me was a bit too long. I like the concept of shorter videos when learning something new as it gives me a way to focus on sections of my project and keep my attention focused.

I certainly can spend longer periods in my art studio on my own if I am just playing around, however, to focus on a class and all of the moving parts of that learning process, I find it easier if it is broken into chunked sizes so that I can stop and reflect on what I’ve created. I could have stopped the longer videos at a certain point but I find I am not often conscious of making that choice when I am watching a video. I also don’t want to have to remember where I was in a long video and search through the specific section to find where I last stopped.  My personal opinion on learning is that videos no more than 10-minute are a good balance for learning. Of course, if you are happy to sit for a longer period, you could just play through the videos at your own pace.

Video downloads in the course:

  1. Purpose of Art Journals
  2. Types of Art Journals - can be viewed for free*
  3. Backgrounds 101
  4. Composition: As You Develop Your Page
  5. Art Journal Focus Points
  6. Art Journal Lettering

You can view the 2nd video for free on the website. To view the video:
Click this page - Introduction to Art Journaling
In the upper right-hand corner click the button titled 6 LESSONS as pictured below:


A menu will then pop out. Choose the 2nd video: Types of Art Journals (as pictured below)



I really enjoyed the teaching style of the instructor and would say without a doubt, this was the part of the course I liked the most.  Andrea kept the class moving at a reasonable pace to follow along whether you were simply watching the course or also working along with the course. Andrea constantly explained the choices she was making. The explanations gave me more understanding of the art journaling process which also gave me added confidence to create. Often I’ve watched videos online and tried to replicate techniques or certain styles and have come away disappointed with the outcome because I was too focused on replicating rather than understanding why certain creative decisions are made. I really appreciated Andrea explaining why she made certain decisions because this meant that I could then apply the concept to my page in my own way rather than focusing on copying someone else's project.

Andrea also gave a lot of additional tips about products and using them throughout each project.  There was a constant stream of information coming from Andrea which might sound like it could feel overwhelming, however Andreas teaching style is very relaxed so the information easily flowed, and was easy to remember.

In addition to Andrea creating projects, there is also a live audience that follows along. This is a great concept because it gives the instructor a gauge as to how fast to progress through the project and it also provides an opportunity for participants in the room to ask questions and get help which may represent similar issues and questions that online participants are also having.


LINK: Introduction to Art Journaling *
INSTRUCTOR: Andrea Chebeleu
START DATE: self-paced
COST: $25.00 USD

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