Emotional Transformation Through Writing

If you love to write, this series of jounaling courses will take you into a deeper understanding of yourself, and will help you to free yourself of old heavy emotional patterning in order to clear the way for your highest creative expression.

Each 30 Day Journal Course involves 30 days of conscious connected writing with daily focused questions aimed at releasing emotional pain and unresolved issues from the past, in order to make room for a new creative life.

Part One - 30 Days of Inspired Creativity

Healing Your Emotional Pain

Unprocessed emotional pain creates a resistance to moving forward. As you slow down to listen within, your old emotional pain will rise up to be healed first. We often avoid our authentic progression because the hard emotions come up to be healed first and they are painful!

But, on the other side of the hard stuff is more mental clarity, emotional freedom, and the peace of finally allowing yourself to feel what you likely have been avoiding for a long time. As you begin to daily map out your inner world and ask yourself good questions, all of your feelings will point the way to how to heal and move forward with your life.

Your unique direction in life will only become clear after you feel, understand, and integrate the layers of your stored emotional pain. Small changes can begin immediately if you take regular time to allow your difficult feelings a little bit more expression each day.

Step by step you can begin to become familiar with the landscape of your own emotional contractions and fears and learn what is needed for you to live a consciously rich and intentionally authentic life.

Part Two - 30 Days of Authentic Self-Expression

Getting Real

What a relief to let down your guard, and see the truths that you have been pushing down and hiding from yourself and others for most of your life. After you work through your resistance to your emotional pain - it is time to move into your true essence.

In order to live full, authentic lives we must be in touch with all of our feelings, "positive" and "negative" alike, as they hold or hide important messages for growth, and needed character strengths to progress.

This course will support you to look deeper into the "collage" of your own life, and to sense into the difficulties of your outer life as contributing to healing yourself emotionally, and teaching you how to express your most authentic self.

Part Three - 30 Days of Passion and Purpose

Building Passion

We often keep ourselves small, non-creative, non-expressive so as to fit in with those around us. Are you romancing the dark or living passionately in the light? How good are you to yourself? Our limited thinking can literally run us into the ground with pain, fear and emotional heaviness.

Our fears and limitations can be dramatic, distracting, and seductive and can keep us from stepping up to our fullest light and offering our truest, most passionate gifts to the world.

It is often those that are the nearest and dearest to us that do not really want us to be our largest and most brilliant selves. We can endlessly make excuses to stay small out of fear that we will lose love and connection with others. This 30 day E-Course encourages you to journey into your forbidden passionate and expressive self.

This journal course will encourage you to daily build the passion of your unique bright light in daily, doable increments. It involves carrying a small journal with you throughout your day, and making passionate notes that will change the habit of your self-defeating, self-repression


INSTRUCTOR: Shelley Klammer

START DATE: self paced

COST: $27.00 CAD x 3 modules available