Draw Collage Paint - Cathy Bluteau

In this workshop we will create several pieces incorporating drawing, collage and painting techniques. We begin by a simple lesson on drawing faces – eyes, nose and mouth. Then I’ll show you how to create great hair using a collage method and random magazine pages. I’ll also introduce some watercolour techniques to finish off the face. This is a fun, step by step workshop where you will be introduced to drawing collaging and watercolours all in 1 workshop.
Bonus: In the first video I will tell you how I learned to draw and where I get my inspiration.


  • 3 pieces of minimum 8 x 10 Bristol or Water Color Paper
  • HB pencil – mechanical or other
  • Eraser
  • Magazine pages
  • Scrapbook, cardstock or other paper in hair color and clothes colors
  • Mod Podge or Matte Medium
  • Set of watercolor paints – inexpensive is fine
  • Paintbrushes – No.2, 8, 14 round for watercolor paint , 1 - 2” or larger flat for mod podge
  • Water and cup for watercolor paints
  • Charcoal or other shading pencil
  • Tortillon (shader for HB pencil – see here for photo: http://www.dickblick.com/products/tortillons/)
  • Black Marker
  • White Gelly Roll Pen or Sharpie White pen

Length: 3 hours +

LINK: Click Draw Collage Paint

INSTRUCTOR: Cathy Bluteau

START DATE: self-paced

COST: $38.00 USD