Drawing The Girls - Martha Lever

Have you ever wanted to draw a simple face for your journals or cards or just for fun?
If so, then this class is for you. I will take you through all the steps I use to draw the face and add color, dimension and beauty through my makeup tricks.. This is not a class that makes you draw perfect noses, eyes and or lips but the combination that I will teach you will result in very cute whimsical faces.

Each face you draw will delight you-- and each will have their own personality. It’s nothing that your really plan—they just come forth! That’s the fun part.

As in all art, everything takes practice so if you are willing to go on this little journey with me you will learn to bring forth many little whimsical friends.

It’s fun! It’s the new way to doodle! Draw a face!

LINK: Click Drawing the Girls

INSTRUCTOR: Martha Lever

START DATE: self-paced

COST: $40.00 USD