Free Your Emotional Self-Expression in Just 10 Minutes a Day

Start a Daily Creative Practice - This course involves a commitment to meditating on a small, torn paper spontaneous collage each morning for 30 days to discover what is in your unconscious mind. All you need is two or three torn or cut-out images, and a word or a phrase.

Creatively Relax - There is no need to concern yourself with accurate painting or drawing skills. The method of spontaneous collage is a profound way to emotionally relax and let what is not yet known to reveal itself to your conscious mind.

Create from Your Truth - Whatever you need to know for your emotional healing is revealing itself right now and you can invite it to emerge through imagery.

Understand Your Emotional Life - Consider your mini-collage to be your daily inner guidance system - akin to a personal tarot card - as a way of seeing your mysterious emotional landscape in visual form.

Emotionally Express Your Whole Self - Spontaneous creation allows the letting go of your everyday, accomplishing mind so that hidden parts of self can arise for revealing, inclusion and healing.

Journey to New Depths - Learn to love all parts of yourself through the process of spontaneous creation. Discover the denied aspects of yourself that you do not yet know, and come to understand their messages.


INSTRUCTOR: Shelley Klammer

START DATE: self paced

COST: $15.00 USD