Course Description

A blank canvas.  Nothing holds more promise, excitement or...FEAR as a blank canvas.  No matter what surface you choose to work with, the first step can be the hardest.  That is the heart of this workshop.  So instead of just staring at that blank canvas we will create an idea book full of starting points.

Do you struggle to get started on a new project?  Do you have a large number of supplies for creating foundations, but forget what you have?  Do you have coloring and art mediums in your stash that you have never used due to limited understanding of that medium?  Then this workshop is for YOU!

By the end of class students will:

  • Create an idea book of foundations.
  • Create 35 foundations ranging from simple to complex.
  • Learn how to layer foundations together to create unique surfaces.
  • Learn the basics of using a variety of color and art mediums.
  • Discover how to take the foundation to completed project through a variety of examples.

Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson One - Quick & Easy: Sometimes we want to get going in a hurry.  In Lesson One we will explore 10 foundations that will get you started fast.  Students will also receive labeling and binding ideas.
  • Lesson Two - Let's Get Messy:  Time to break out the paint, ink, stamps, and stencils.  Make sure to protect your work surface for these 8 fun and messy foundations.
  • Lesson Three - Texture Time:  When flat and smooth just won't do.  In Lesson Three we will work with a variety of mediums to 7 textured foundations.
  • Lesson Four - Lovey Layers:  Time to take what you learn and bring it all together for an entirely new look.  In Lesson Four we will take we learned in Lessons One, Two, and Three to create beautiful layered foundations.  Along the way we will also explore 5 new layered foundations. In addition to the foundations learned in lesson, students will also receive 2 - 4 completed projects as inspiration for using the foundations.  All sample foundations will be created using card stock, but they can be used on a variety of other surfaces.

LINK: Fabulous Foundations


START DATE: 19th March 2015

COST: $25.00 USD