Free Mandala Workshop with Julie Gibbons

Here’s what you’ll receive each of the days;

Day One : What is a Mandala?
Learn about
the different origins of the mandala and what it has to offer our contemporary lives. Discover my secret theory & experience circles in practice.

Day Two : Lotus Flower Mandala
The lotus flower is such an iconic symbol. Practice using geometry to create a beautiful and very flexible flower design.

Day Three : Manifesting Mandala
Create magic
with this intuitive mandala designed to activate your dreams/desires. It’s all about the process.

Day Four : Archetypal Mandala
The mandala is a hugely powerful archetype in its own right and in this lesson, we’ll learn how to mix it up with another universal icon in this organic mandala design.

Day Five : What’s Your Mandala Personality?
Most modern work with mandalas is based on the foundations laid by the explorations of Dr Carl G Jung. Dr Jung underwent a period of drawing a mandala every day – a time in which his later theories on the psyche, including personality type, began to develop. I’ve partnered with online personality profiler, PeopleMaps to develop a unique insight into your personality. We’ve combined Jung’s theories and mandala art to provide this remarkable report – the first of its kind – available to you free of charge.

LINK: Click Free Mandala Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Julie Gibbons

START DATE: 17th November 2014