This winter, settle in for a very special FREE seven day Winter Writing Workshop, brought to you in association with Frances Booth, author of The Distraction Trap. Do you have a burning ambition to be a writer? Have you been thinking about writing a blog, a magazine article or column or even a book but just never found the time? Well this is the time. It is your time.

The series runs for seven days from December 29, 2014 – January 4, 2015, making the most of the hushed time after the rush of the Christmas holidays. Each day you will be sent a short note from professional writer Frances, along with daily writing prompts, writer development exercises and some special tips from well known writers. Frances will share her experience of tackling some of the most common fears all writers share, including fear of the blank page and lack of inspiration. At the end of the series you will also receive a PDF of 100 writing prompts to keep you writing all year long.

Join us for seven days of writing to discover your inner writer.

LINK: Winter Writing Workshop

INSTRUCTOR: Frances Booth

START DATE: 29th December 2014