This is a mixed media workshop, making a special book to gift, a love letter from the heart and soul and will touch on many different techniques. It is also going a treasured keepsake with lots of writing prompts, poetry, and lots and lots of ideas about what to include.

Self Paced- Access to all classes available now.

Each week there will be both videos and written instructions and prompts covering many different mixed media projects and pages. We will touch on a bit of book binding (and some alternatives), photo treatments (including a couple of downloadable textures, actions and images to use), image transfer, gold leafing, some painting, background techniques, antiquing, collaging, use of paper, fabrics, plaster, photos to name a few. We will be gathering, digging deep, reflecting, and getting our hands dirty in the wonderful act of creating when our hands and hearts are aligned. There is also be a facebook group where we can discuss what we are doing, share and inspire each other.

A rough overview of the weeks, although we will be weaving in and out of these topics throughout.
Week 1: The pages- making the pages, materials.
Week 2: Photos & Text
Week 3: Tribe
Week 4: Break week (Bonus Menarche week)
Week 5: Letters
Week 6: Themes, feathers, maps
Week 7: Assembling your book (binding), covers, what’s next ...