This six-week course includes:

  • In-depth lessons, troubleshooting and guidance
  • An abundance of insightful journalling prompts to dive into
  • Exclusive peeks into my own journals
  • Video interviews with inspiring journallers + peeks into theirjournals
  • Group connecting in the private Facebook group
  • A gorgeous 123-page ebook of the entire course for you to download and keep forever

Week 1: Preparing the way

In the first week we prepare for the journey — choosing our journals, gathering imagery for our Creative Dream Journals and practising some of the key journalling techniques we’ll be using in the course.

Week 2: Inner self

In the second week we begin the journey in earnest, starting with our inner world. Our conversations with ourselves are the backbone of journalling, so we’ll start with who we are and what got us to this place.

Week 3: Outer self

In week three we explore our outer selves, examining our history and relationship to our body and health. We’ll begin the conversation with our bodies, finding out exactly what they have to say to us…

Week 4: Dreamscape

Week four explores the dreams we have at night, and the dreams we have while awake. We’ll start recording our own dream lexicon and examine what our nightmares have to teach us.

Week 5: Purpose

In the fifth week we’ll explore how we make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small our impact. We’ll identify what drives us and learn how to get intimate with our purpose.

Week 6: Spirit

In the last week we dive deep into the thoughts, beliefs and rituals that hold meaning for us personally, creating space for deeper connection in our everyday lives. You'll learn journalling techniques for tapping into your inner wisdom, and find out exactly what a paper altar is...


INSTRUCTOR: Susannah Conway

START DATE: 5th January 2015

COST: £97.00 GBP