After doing this course you will:
- Gain confidence about your drawings
- Learn to draw anything you can think of
- Feel like a real pro
- Make drawing a life habit
- Learn how to implement your drawing time into your busy schedule
- Have lots of new friends (your class mates!)
- Have a life time membership for the online JustDrawIt communiy

During this 6-Week long course, every week you will find a new lesson on the course website. With each lesson, you will learn a new technique. The course website will be filled with weekly instructions, step-by-step video- and photo-tutorials, and assignments with guaranteed feedback. Plus: Lots of bonusses and extras!
In addition to all this, we will build an online community with all the participants, both on the course website and through a private Facebook group and a Flickr group. This way we can easily share experiences, compare results, and help each other to stay in flow like a pro.

LINK: Just Draw It

INSTRUCTOR: Koosje Koene

START DATE: 5th October, 2015

COST: $99.00 USD