Often time’s scrappers are neglectful in including themselves in their scrapping. We don’t like the way we look, or we are often behind the camera. We forget that we are preserving a lifetime of memories about our family and leaving a very important person out: namely US! In 40 or 80 yrs when our grandchildren look at our albums they are going to be excited to see mommy or daddy and all their aunts and uncles and even grandpa. But they are going be disappointed to see that grandma is rarely seen.

In my Lifetime Reflections classes I will give you some basic ideas of what to include in an Album featuring you! Before we get started you should decide what size album you want to create. Also please remember that not every page you create has to have a photo, a “book of me” is as much about your thoughts and feelings as it is about how you look.

In this class you will get 2 sections and each section has 20 prompts for a total of 40 prompts to fill your album with pages and pages.