Acrylic mediums can be so confusing. There are so many to choose from. Gel Medium, Fluid Medium, Gesso, Crackle Paste, Molding Paste, matte, glossy, etc. What are they for? Which should you use? Which brand is best? Can something else be substituted? Can someone just cut to the chase and speak in plain English?

If you are confused by the many mediums available, have no fear. Shirley Pando and Jeri Parks are here to help you make sense of a most confusing subject. Come learn what each type of medium is for and which you may want to use in your next mixed media project or card or tag or scrapbook page and more.

Over four lessons we will demonstrate the pros and cons of 13 different acrylic mediums, additives, paint and applicators. We will explain how to use each product, how to apply it to various surfaces, possible substitutions for the product, and share our experiences with them.

By the end of the workshop students will:
Have a clear understanding what a medium is and to use it.
Learn the differences between each medium.
Learn the difference between an additive and a medium.
Learn which mediums are most essential and which ones are just nice to have.
Test mediums using a variety of surfaces and applicators.
Understand how to use mediums with paint and other color mediums.
Create a sample book to future use.
Learn how to prep your surfaces before beginning your projects.
Create finished projects for each medium/additive. Projects will include mixed media projects, tags, art journaling pages and cards.

Lessons include:

Lesson 1: Introduction - In Lesson One we will review all of the mediums and additives we will be using throughout the workshop, plus few extras not covered in the class. We will overview acrylic paint, the types available and how to mix them with mediums and additives. Finally, we will review applicators including; brushes, palette knives, sponges, and more.

Lesson 2: Must Have Mediums - In Lesson Two we will review Gesso, Gel Medium, and Matte Medium. We consider these mediums to be essential for most mixed media projects. Students will learn how to prepare a variety of surfaces. Students will complete projects using each of the mediums.

Lesson 3: Good to Have Mediums - In Lesson Three we will review Modeling Paste, Fluid Medium, Retarder, and Glazing Medium. These mediums are quite useful, but not quite essential. Students will create projects using each medium.

Lesson 4: Nice to Have Mediums - In Lesson Four we will review Crackle Medium, Iridescence Medium, Glass Bead Gel, Fabric Medium, Fiber Paste, and Tar/String Gel. These mediums are nice to have, but not essential. Students will create projects for using each medium.​

Please Note: We understand that most students will probably not have on hand all 13 of the mediums we will be using for this workshop. When purchasing new items we encourage you to start with the essentials first. As the class progresses you can decided which additional mediums you would like to purchase.

LINK: Mastering the Mediums

INSTRUCTOR: Shirley Pando and Jeri Parks

START DATE: 25th June 2015

COST: $30.00 USDmastering mediums