Mermaid Circus is all about wild, soulful creativity! WITNESS how an Artist’s Style is born and how to apply that to developing your own voice. Be endlessly inspired to create your own masterpieces! FANTASTIC Step-by-step tutorials on drawing, painting, collage, lettering, composition and journal making. Accelerate your way to free expression in your artwork.

Along with step-by-step, rich-with-detail technique lessons,  INSPIRATION is on the menu.

  •     8 weekly Lessons of dizzying creativity.
  •     Step by Step videos of Teesha's and Jane’s creative process.
  •     Teesha’s collage Secrets!
  •     Drawing and painting Mermaids with Jane Davenport.
  •     Collage sheets exclusive to this class for you to print and use!
  •     Interact with Creativity Icon Teesha Moore and Artomologist Jane Davenport in a Private classroom and Facebook Group for the 8 week class
  •     1 years access to the Workshop


INSTRUCTOR: Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore

START DATE: 8th September 2014

COST: $185.00 USD