The course includes:

  • In-depth photo theory lessons
  • Challenges and prompts to expand your creativity
  • Narrated photo slideshows to inspire you
  • Detailed posts on how I shoot
  • Interviews with soulful intuitive photographers
  • A fully-comprehensive resources section
  • A beautifully-designed ebook (114 pages!) of the
    entire course for you to download and keep,
    including the slideshows & resources

Topics covered include:

  • Composition theory and application
  • Depth of field explained in layman’s terms
  • My take on post-processing
  • Embracing the light
  • Self-portraiture
  • Shooting for your blog
  • Story-telling with photos
  • My top tips for getting soulful shots

Week 1. The Bones: Cultivating awareness

In the first week we look at the bones of a photograph, the compositional elements that form the foundation of an image, and explore how to cultivate more awareness as we use our cameras to filter the world around us.

Week 2. The Flesh: Lightness of being

In the second week we examine the flesh of a photograph, the layers of information that give an image more depth and resonance. We’ll also begin looking at ways to weave more of ourselves into our images.

Week 3. The Heart: Shooting from the heart

In the third week we figure out how we can layer more emotion through our shots, diving into different ways to capture our loved ones and record the memories as they happen.

Week 4. The Soul: Going within

In the fourth week we turn our cameras on ourselves, experimenting with self-portraiture as a way to translate our inner world and create metaphors for how we feel.

Week 5. The Tale: Telling stories

In the last week we bring together everything we’ve learned over the previous four weeks as we explore the art of photographic story-telling


INSTRUCTOR: Susannah Conway

START DATE: February 2015

COST: £87.00 GBP