This online photography e-course covers essential aspects of Photography, Lighting, Styling & Presentation for small creative businesses.
Over a five-week period you’ll learn to take product photography shots like the professionals do.  This is how the course is structured over the five weeks:

Week 1
We start with understanding the theory of photography and learning the essential camera functions that photographers change to create gorgeous photos.
Learn how to:
create background blur
capture motion
create sharp images with lots of colour
and shoot like a pro!
Week 2
We then look at lighting in detail and learn how to control and mould natural light to create the look you are after.

We also show to make subjects appear to float on white, perfect for pack-shots with no cutting out required!

Week 3
Stop – Break time!  Gives you time to catch up on lessons and assignments and maybe discuss any of the areas you’ve covered with the expert tutor and with others on the course.

Week 4
We move onto styling and how to target your perfect customer with the styling of your photos.

You will study backdrops and props, and how to fake a set for your photo-shoot like professional stylists do.

Also learn how to create your very own store of useful backdrops and what to look for in the perfect prop.

Week 5
Finally we look at altering the mood of photos with an even closer look at every element of the shot.

You’ll learn how to finish them off professionally with borders or text to complement your brand before out-putting them for various uses.


INSTRUCTOR: Lyndsey James

START DATE: 1st September 2014

COST: $418 USD