Ready Set Blog is our 12-month-long, beginner blogger coaching program. Because getting a blog up and running takes time, and there are so many things you need to master to make it successful, we have broken it all down into bite-sized, doable  chunks delivered as you need them.

Topics include : Setting up your blog, finding your voice, getting first traffic, SEO, social media, blog design, photography and lots more.


+ 12 x monthly modules jam-packed with expert advice, worksheets, checklist, tools, tips, tricks, webinars, videos (everything you need really), but all done in do-able chunks!

+ Direct access to us & the awesome SBB community through our amazing Facebook group

+ Every 3-months you unlock Bonus FREE customisable printables, planners & other pro-tools you can use on your Blog

LINK: Ready Set Blog

INSTRUCTOR: Secret Bloggers Business Kate McKibbin

START DATE: self paced

COST: $37.00 USD (per month x 12 months)