Have you always wondered how professional photographers manage to take such beautiful photographs full of colour, especially those illusive pastel skies?

Have you always wanted to be able to get amazing photos like that for yourself? Have you been on holiday in an amazing exotic destination and been frustrated because your camera just wasn’t capturing what you were seeing?

After travelling the world and seeing the incredible beauty that was out there I wanted to bring home my own amazing pictures so that I could look back on them and remember how amazing those places really were.

After being frustrated with what my camera was unable to capture I set about learning how to use my camera better and investing in a few key pieces that would allow me to achieve those perfectly exposed, vibrantly coloured scenes that I was experiencing. I learnt as much as I could and practiced my little heart out until I got it right.


  • As an added bonus you get exclusive access to the Facebook group – “Pastel Skies Love” where you will have a direct link to me so that I can help you out with any questions you may have. You can post your photos to the group where we can share experiences and talk about the photos in greater detail.
  • There will also be an Instagram hashtag contained in Module 3 which you can tag your images with on Instagram and I will feature any awesome photos that I find under that hashtag on my instagram page. Your image will get exposure to over 5,000 other instagrammers.
  • A long exposure calculator has been included that you can download, print out and take with you in the field to make life a lot easier
  •  Plus a Pastel Skies Cheat Sheet to take with you also with step by step instructions of exactly what to do.

LINK: Secret Photographers Guide to Caturing Pastel Skies

INSTRUCTOR: Larissa Dening

START DATE: self paced

COST: $39.00 USD