Each month we’ll build on what we’ve already learned, so it’s less intimidating to get the vision in your head or heart onto paper. And I’ll show you how I take the same supplies and techniques and use them in different styles so you can make them your own. So in year 2 of Serendipity, I share all I learn and love about mixed media painting for an entire new year.

That means we’ll be painting even more characters- portraits, whimsical animals, girls, imaginary creatures, art journal pages and SO much more. And with each lesson I’ll share what mistakes I make and how I fix them, get over frustrations and move out of my comfort zone to evolve my own style. We’ll also play with painting backgrounds and layering, experiment with lots of different art supplies (like watercolors and oils), and have fun bringing our paintings to life.

I’m always pushing myself to make new mistakes, try new styles and characters and explore different techniques and art supplies.  If there’s anything specific you’d like to learn in this class, please suggest up to 3 topics you’d like to see covered (in the comments section at checkout). I will do my best to include them.

My hope for you is that these new painting projects throughout the year will give you even more ideas and inspirations, so it’s easier to get started, know what to paint and overcome creative blocks, have fun with your artwork and paint in a style that is uniquely YOU.


  • painting portraits, faces and eyes
  • shading faces
  • creating whimsical animals, girls and other characters
  • experimenting with various art supplies & painting surfaces
  • loosening up and letting go
  • simple shape template for creating any character
  • mixed media backgrounds
  • whimsy and color
  • developing your style
  • watercolor paintings


In-Depth Photo Tutorials and Explanations

  • i share everything i learn about painting, art supplies, new characters and my creative process the entire year
  • in each video I will share my painting process, letting you know when I make mistakes, how I fix them and how I talk myself out of getting frustrated so I can keep on creating.
  • we’ll be painting whimsical animals, girls, imaginary creatures and so much more.
  • with each lesson, I’ll share tips and things to remember along with a detailed materials and colors list


  • an in-depth video lesson each month with me talking you through every step of my process, layer by layer, so you know what I’m doing and why
  • a bonus exercise each month that will deepen our creative process and take everything further to help you strengthen your own unique style
  • painting imaginary characters, girls, whimsical animals and more, from start to finish

Downloadable Cheat Sheets

  • printable pdfs with simple step by step instructions for shading faces, drawing eyes and creating different characters

Techniques for Getting Unstuck & Loosening Up

  • fun and easy mixed media techniques I use to loosen up and generate new ideas
  • a downloadable simple shape template so you can easily create any whimsical character
  • video demos for creating luscious layers and backgrounds

Positive Community

  • Private Gallery & Discussion Group where I will be the entire time, answering questions and giving feedback
  • Private Facebook group full of community support and encouragement.

LINK: Serendipity 2

INSTRUCTOR: Juliette Crane

START DATE: anytime - year long 2015

COST: $189.00 USD