Slip covers! A quick and simple way to update your entire home’s look. Learn multiple ways to construct and embellish your slip covers to take them from ick to SLICK!

While I sent out my sofa recently to be professionally upholstered, my preference would always be to DIY as much as possible–it’s cheaper, it can be faster, and it gives me the thrill of knowing I’ve done it on my own. Making a slip cover seems like a big job, but like eating an elephant, when broken down into smaller chunks, it’s a simple way to make a huge difference in the look of your home.  This online class walks you through the fundamentals of designing and constructing a slip cover from start to finish, in five different styles:

boxy with three styles of skirt
loosely constructed with tie-backs
fitted with Velcro closures
fitted with hidden drawstring to snug it up
“upholstered” with piping and a covered cushion

It can be really exciting to begin to see that some tasks that are expensive and daunting–like upholstering–can be tackled with basic sewing skills. If you can sew a straight line, you can make the slip covers in this class. Add that to your skills making boxed cushions (included in the course!) and you’re on your way to rule the home dec realm.  Have a sofa that is still perfectly good, but not as pretty as it used to be?  Some dining room chairs that are sturdy but looking a little dated?  Maybe a hand-me-down easy chair that he loves and you hate?  Slip covers can solve all those problems–and make your house the prettiest on the block at the same time.

This course is ready to begin immediately, as soon as you register!  All the lessons, including video, audio, PDF downloads and lots of links are waiting for you to access, right here on the class site.  Your account will house your courses, easy to navigate and locate, so that you can review, rewind, and reinforce every skill as much and as often as you like.  An online sewing course like this offers you chances to ask your questions and have them answered; places to share your images and concerns with other folks in the same boat as you; and opportunities to have your work assessed in real-time by your instructor. It’s such a great way to learn a new skill and really get the feedback you crave!

Have a piece of furniture that needs an update?  Click on through to join, and let’s see what you can make!

LINK: Slip Covers

INSTRUCTOR: Whipstitch - Deborah Moebes

START DATE: self paced

COST: $85.00 USD