Here is a glimpse of what you can expect each week:
*The guest artists will study under the “master” of their choice which will include a brief history of the artist
*Start to finish video of the artist practicing a painting of the chosen master
*Videos sharing what they learned through practicing the techniques and style of another artist
*A start to finish video of the artist creating their own art using techniques they have learned but creating in their own style
*Each week will end with the artist sharing the artists that have encouraged and inspired them over the years.
*Each week will have book and video references
*Weekly live online “chats” with the artist
*All content will be available for two years
*All videos are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience

Focusing on portraiture


INSTRUCTOR: Cori Dantini, Gillian Lee Smith, Robin Fingher, Jane Davenport, Teresa McFayden and Jeanne Oliver

START DATE: 30th September 2014

COST: $62.00 USD