In this next level of A Year of Painting we will be going delving into lessons using more wild playfulness, richer creative thinking, deeper connection, and awe-inspiring narratives and stories that can change and enlighten our own life story. We will be working larger and as always, from a painting as process point of view, or from heart-based and intuitive ways of creating. Work for gallery exhibitions, prints that sell (as well as for licensing) will be covered, plus much more. We will be  creating a movement with a global collective consciousness in the spirit of collaboration and making things happen. Come continue to make your mark and make it lasting in our loving and talented community. You are an integral part in this and you are so appreciated. You also get to create the curriculum: please suggest (in the comment section of your order) up to 3 lessons or subjects you wish to see covered in the 2nd year of evolving. I will do my best to make that happen. There have been wonderful suggestions so far!


INSTRUCTOR: Alena Hennessy

START DATE: self paced

COST: $249.00 USD